Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Student Voices



Faruk Akkuş, TRNC

"In addition to the physical facilities of our university, our instructors are also very good. Besides, I made lots of good friends." 




Sadrettin Kaynakoğlu, TRNC

"Besides being educational in both academic and social fields, our university is also fun"




Feras Aljamal, Palestine

"The university provides us with monthly student activities.  All teachers and staff also take part and we are like one big family"




Dania Karma, Syria

"The University is my home and the country is safe with friendly people..."




Rigersa Cara, Albania

"Teachers at FIU are always here to help us if we need anything.  What makes our university “International” is the diversity of different countries and nationalities"




Hasan Halil Aksoy, TRNC

"I didn't expect this family environment between instructors and employees in the beginning. This was a pleasant surprise, better and more fun than I expected."




Nazym Yessenkulova, Kazakhstan

"I like the comfortable library, the nice building, the good food, and I love my teachers..."




Abdulrahim Hejazi, Syria

"The University is in a very quiet location, and there is an excellet connection between the students and staff..."




Dorins Mbimon Dijan, Cameroon

"I think FIU campus is really cool and unique due to the fact that there are so many activities and the campus is so clean..."




Zulmire Maimaitijang, China 

"The teachers are always very helpful and always smiling... They take care of us very well..."




Oleksandr Zahoriichuk, Ukraine

"The teachers are very good, and I have friends from many different countries..."




Ahmet Ardıç, TRNC

"The intramural communication is very good. We benefit from the educational events and conferences held in the university related to the  field of education."




Seda Küçük, TRNC

"Thanks to having lectures from several lecturers in your field , the organized workshops, social activities as well as the trips, we prepare ourselves  for the future life and we share a very nice communication environment."




Illia Besstrashnyi, Russia

"Kyrenia has a charming atmosphere for the visitors and students. A wonderful city with an interesting history..."




Fikriye Kötüce, TRNC

"Our instructors are experts in their fields and application fields are also provided to us, so these support our education. This is why I prefer FIU!"




Sylvia Wanja Njeri, Kenya

"The students from FIU are all from different countries. You talk with different people from different cultures and with different beliefs. It is the proof that the university is successful that people from several countries can live in harmony.




Alina Zubair, Pakistan

"Having the privilege to be in the first batch of the University was absolutely amazing. It is pleasing to see that everyone here is friendly like a family.




Seval Öztürk, TRNC

" The best workshop as a Preschool Education field was offered to us. All of our lecturers  provide not only a practical learning environment but also theorical lectures with the aim of  making us learn better.