Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Clubs and Societies

Social activities, clubs, events and trips at FIU enable students to:

  • Genuinely engage in our multicultural environment and develop interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  • Take part in organization and develop team and leadership skills.
  • Explore and learn more about the local culture.
  • Act as ambassadors locally for their own countries and cultures.
  • Make new friends and enjoy a rich and full life.

Radio Club (Radio Final)

FIU Radio was established in July 2016. Students will be able to produce their own programs, and develop broadcasting skills.

Our aim is to contribute to culture, art, and education through a range of programs of different types.

Advisors: Sen. Inst. Mehmet Kayruhan / Assist. Prof. Dr. Amin Riazi / Gürcem Semercioğlu

Listen to FIU Radio

Computer Society

Advisors: Assist.Prof. Dr. Dr. Deniz Özsoyeller / Instr. Pouya Bolourchi

 Photography Club

The aim of the Final International University Photography Club is to spend free time developing photographic and editing skills and to contribute to the development of the university photographic archive.

Advisors: Assist.Prof. Dr. Dr. Pervin Taşel / Özen Çatal

Nature Walking and Nature Community

This club aims to increase sensitivity towards nature and the environment whilst enabling our students to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, community cooperation, and team spirit.

Advisor: Sen. Inst. Mesut Batıhan

Music Society
Advisor: Instr. Reema Aşlam Reo

English Speaking Club
Advisors: Instr. Çiğdem Cantaş / Instr. Özge Çakmak İşitmez

Model United Nations Society (MKJN-FiN) 
Advisors:  Prof. Dr. Ercan Uygur / Serpil İşlek

Social Solidarity and Charity Community 
Advisor: Assist.Prof. Dr. Nesibe Akıntuğ

Verbal Jousting(Roasting) Club
Advisors: Instr. Reema Aşlam Reo / Instr. Nadire Oyman

Crafts and Painting Club 
Advisor: Instr. Halil Ercan

Theater Society
Assist.Prof. Dr. Gülnur Yel / Instr. Fatma Tezel / Güler Şen

Chess Society
Assist. Prof. Dr. A. Taner Erdoğan

Turkish Speaking Club
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Dalyan

Dance Community (Folk Dances/Wor1d Dances) 
Instr. Mesut Batıhan

Tourism and Culinary Arts Club 
Assist.Prof. Dr. Nafiya Güden