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International Office

The International Office has a wide-ranging role at Final International University, and keeps in close touch with all international students throughout their stay at our University. The International Office is a driving force behind the FIU philosophy, and aims to:

  • Actively promote the university all around the world and recruit students to our University.
  • Work with highly respected and qualified agents to both bring students to our University and ensure their welfare from point of arrival.
  • Organise activities to enrich the multicultural environment on the campus.
  • Facilitate exchange programs and partnerships with other international universities.
  • Provide assistance with applications, visas, and other formalities. welcome and arrange safety pick up service for students.
  • Help students with locating suitable accommodation.

Whether you’re an international student interested in applying to the Final International University, a current student searching for information on study abroad opportunities, or an overseas institution looking to work with us, we are here to help.

As the International Office of FIU we want our international students to feel welcome and an integral part of the campus community. We encourage everyone on campus to share their traditions, cultures, and perspectives with each other, to continuously improve intercultural understanding and global learning across campus and beyond.

International Affairs Coordinator for Board of Trustees
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sualp Davut

E-mail: sualp.davut@final.edu.tr
Tel: +90 392 650 6666 / 8032


International Office​ Director
Ms. Sunel Gazi

E-mail: sunel.gazi@final.edu.tr
Phone: +90 392 650 6666 /1220


International Office Coordinators

Ms. Ayla Yıldırım
Executive Assistant to International Affairs Coordinator of Board of Trustees

E-mail: ayla.yildirim@final.edu.tr
Tel: +90 392 650 6666/1245

Ms. Irada Osmanova
E-mail: irada.osmanova@final.edu.tr
Phone: +90 392 650 6666 /1221

Mr. Fadıl Şanverdi
E-mail: fadil.sanverdi@final.edu.tr
Tel: +90 392 650 6666 /1220


International Office E-mail: international@final.edu.tr