Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Rector’s Message

As the Rector of Final International University, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new and unique addition to the higher educational map in North Cyprus. FIU is the product of a highly innovative collaboration, marrying the expertise of the Final Group in education with the entrepreneurial achievements of the Acapulco-DMG group in tourism and hospitality.  From this strong foundation, our highly-qualified academic and administrative staff are developing programs carefully designed to meet the needs of twenty-first century students. Our standards of care are also extremely high. We are dedicated to ensuring at all times the health, welfare, and happiness of all our students.

We are aware that we live in changing times. Our holistic approach to education is therefore based on the principle of developing the skills required to succeed in this changing world. Work experience and skills are a fundamental part of this approach. It is our intention that FIU graduates will stand out not just for their knowledge, but for being ‘work-ready’, and an immediate asset to their future employers.

Our academic staff bring to the University both a range of expertise, and a wealth of experience from across the world. Our university is international, and directly familiar with the many different countries and cultures represented on our campus. This diversity, and the multicultural learning experience that it offers are a hallmark of our university.

For those of you less familiar with North Cyprus, I would like to mention that our campus is located just outside the coastal town of Kyrenia. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean, and just one highlight of an island that is famous for its history, hospitality and beauty. Furthermore, our island offers a truly safe and secure environment, making it an ideal location for your study experience.     

We look forward to welcoming you at FIU,

Prof. Abdullah Y. Oztoprak