Final International University | One World Seminar

One World Seminar

Organized by the students of Final International University and Faculty of Educational Sciences, the "One World" seminar took place in the Çatalköy campus conference hall.

Prof. Dr. Şerife Gündüz was the keynote speaker of the seminar. Prof. Dr. Gündüz: “First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this seminar on environmental awareness. The environment is today's bleeding wound. Living in a healthy environment is one of our most basic rights. After the industrial revolution, our environment began to change and become polluted. Although the level of education has increased, we have not been able to see this effect in our environment. Carbon emissions have been increasing for years. However, disasters on a global scale befall countries. You, dear students, can prevent these bad realities with the work you will do in such areas. Every project you develop will be beneficial for future generations. We must increase people's level of consciousness by joining hands for a clean and healthy world. We must increase environmental literacy and civic engagement to create a more sustainable future.”

After Prof. Dr. Şerife Gündüz concluded her speech, the students made presentations within the scope of the "Early Childhood and Environmental Education" course.