Final International University | Final International University Lecturer Stresses Importance Of Pre-School Education

Final International University Lecturer Stresses Importance Of Pre-School Education

Final International University’s Professor Dr. Belma Tuğrul spoke recently about the importance of the early childhood years in the development and education of children, noting that the education of pre-school teachers was therefore critical.

Dr. Tuğrul, of Final International University’s Faculty of Education, explained how in the human lifecycle, each period has its own distinctive features, requirements and priorities. Explicit guidance on a scientific basis conducted in the first years has the power to influence an entire life. Hence, a proper foundation in early childhood years is what guarantees that children will be both strong and unfaltering when starting their lives. The development and education of children in early childhood is thus a tremendous responsibility.

The Importance Of Teacher Education

Early childhood is the fastest period of growth, development and learning, and the period when the brain is most open to learning, and at its most flexible. Dr. Tuğrul stressed that in these early childhood years, being aware of children’s interests in addition to helping them with their weaknesses was highly important and that it was desirable to make timely interventions and referrals in this period if required. She noted that children who had their early childhood education in a qualified environment enriched by social, mental and physical stimuli were known to perform two years ahead of their peers, underlining that the education of teachers responsible for early childhood education was critically important.

Interactive Education Is Critical

In addition to providing information about the Department of Pre- School Teaching at Final International University, Dr. Belma Tuğrul discussed the interactive learning environment in the pre-school education workshop, which has designed as a learning by doing- living laboratory (experiential learning). In the workshop, students have a number of enriched materials, designed to provide an interactive education in lessons such as Science, literature, art, literacy, mathematics, drama, music, sports and games; aside from a large number of high pedagogical educational materials, intelligent wooden boards and other technological facilities have also been made available to students.

Education For Work At Final International University

Recalling that the Final Group is one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Turkey, Dr. Tuğrul noted that students registering in the Pre-School Education program at Final International University will be given priority for employment in Final schools after their graduation. Tuğrul further noted the importance of synchronizing educational programs with the needs of relevant industries and sectors, and the commitment of Final International University to graduating students who meet the expectations and needs of the relevant sectors, including the pre-school education sector.