Final International University | Final International University “Perception Management’’ Seminar

Final International University “Perception Management’’ Seminar

Final International University held a seminar on "Perception Management" at 20 July Science High School (20 Temmuz Fen Lisesi) for students preparing for university education.  The seminar was conducted by FIU Educational Science Faculty Dean, Prof. Dr. Cem Birol, who also provided information to students about Final International University’s Entrance and Scholarship Examination, to be held on June 2, 2017.

Anxietyaffects Everyday Life

Member of the Board of Trustees of Final International University and Dean of the Educational Sciences Faculty, Prof. Dr. Cem Birol stated that it was important for the students to create their own perception management and strategies for their future occupational experiences and gave examples about perception management. According to Dr. Birol in developing perception management and strategy, it is important to synthesize personal interests and values when choosing a profession. Birol stated that; “One of the important points of apprehension in the process of perception management is anxiety.”

Perception Management Factors

Dr. Birol conveyed information about the methods used in the process of perception in humans, drawing attention to the importance of subliminal messages. He stated that prejudices formed within the environment had an important place in the process of the birth of perceptions and said that people should take great care when making decisions. Emphasizing that both positive and negative messages determined perception management as well as quality of communication, Dr. Birol stated that positive messages were more effective in perception management. Explaining that it was extremely important that students be very well-planned when they formulated their strategies, he said that after clarification of goals was key to success in life.

Scholarship And Placement Examination On June 2nd

Prof. Dr. Birol emphasized that FIU provided job guarantees for students and that this year's education continued with the approval of The Turkish Higher Council of Education. He announced that Final University Scholarship and Placement Examination would take place on Friday, June 2, 2017, and that the University would provide transfers to Final International University on the day of the exam.