Final International University | Perception Management and Message Editing

Perception Management and Message Editing

Perception Management and Message Editing

Nicosia Turkish High School senior students attended a seminar at Final International University, entitled “Perception Management and Message Editing” and delivered by Prof. Dr. Cem Birol, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, and member of FIU Board of Trustees. The students also had the chance to tour the University and meet Final International University faculty members at the accompanying reception.

During the seminar, Dr. Birol looked at the issues of perception management and message editing together with the significant factors in the process of decision making. He emphasized the importance of forming explicit goals and advised students to turn disadvantages into advantages by highlighting their knowledge and skills. Noting that each individual's interests, abilities and skills are different, Dr. Birol said that it was vital to take this into consideration in the process of career selection. The key factor in success, he noted was the designation of objectives, the identification of steps that needed to be taken, and the conversion of these steps into action. He stressed also the importance of being able to react to events on the basis of a clear understanding of cause-effect relations, develop rapport through reasoning, and to engage with mistakes.

Developing Human Power

Prof. Birol also provided information about Final International University, its departments and the conditions for university entrance. Noting that Final International University was part of an organization that had 416 schools in Turkey and North Cyprus, and that the university was founded in partnership with a company operating in the field of tourism in North Cyprus, Birol said that a primary aim of the university was to develop human power for their own institutions. For this reason, he stated, FIU was a university that provided a notarized job guarantee document to its students.