Final International University | First Live Television Broadcast From Final International University Studio

First Live Television Broadcast From Final International University Studio

The first live broadcast from Final International University Television has been transmitted from FIU student, in   cooperation with EGT Publishing. The co-hosts program were the Chairman of the Final Education Group, and the Chairman of the Final International University Board of Trustees, Mr Ibrahim Taşel. As well as responding to questions, Mr Taşel said that the university would start receiving students from Turkey now that thirteen programs of the university had been accredited by The Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK).

In the program, Mr Taşel provided information about Final International University and education in North Cyprus more generally. Answering a question about the educational philosophy of the university, Mr Taşel noted that the university had two main functions, namely, contributing to the scientific life of the country, and educating qualified personnel for their future professions. He noted that the main mission of Final International University is not only educating academicians able to contribute to world science, and educating future professionals but also being the best in each individual field.

Mr Taşel further emphasized the necessity of reorganizing the education starting from pre-school education, stating that education starts from the moment an individual comes into the world. The philosophy of education has to be determined accordingly and systems developed in tune with the conditions, traditions, demography and genetic characteristics of the country.

Mr Taşel described how in its first year of operation from its Kyrenia campus, FIU had provided education to students from North Cyprus and eighteen other different countries. With accreditation by the Turkish Higher Education Council, Mr Taşel highlighted the importance of training teachers through the FIU Education Faculty. Under the umbrella of this faculty, training is to take place of pre-school teachers, Turkish teachers, primary school mathematics teachers, English teachers, psychological counsellors and, in collaboration with the FIU School of  Physical Education and Sports, PE Teachers. Mr Taşel emphasized that the goal was to raise qualified teachers in both practical and theoretical aspects of the profession. Turning to engineering, he noted that under the Faculty of Engineering, FIU was providing education in both electrical and electronic engineering and computer engineering. The education of highly qualified individuals in both academic and professional fields is also being conducted in the fields of Architecture, Business, International Finance, and Tourism and Hospitality.