Final International University | Pay Utmost Attention While Doing Exercise in Hot Weather

Pay Utmost Attention While Doing Exercise in Hot Weather

The School of Physical Education and Sports Director of Final International University, Asst. Prof. A. Taner Erdoğan has advised great care to be taken when exercising, as air temperatures are above the seasonal norms. Pointing out that health problems may result from incorrect practice, Erdoğan recommended that exercise should be conducted in cool and shaded areas, that water consumption during and after exercise was required and that heavy exercises should be avoided. Clothing should be light-coloured, lightweight, and ideally cotton, with exercise conducted in the early morning or late afternoon hours at less than 25% of full exercise intensity.

Drawing attention to the necessity of listening to one's body before and during exercise, Erdoğan emphasized that in the case of stress, exhaustion, fatigue, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, vomiting and high heart rate, the exercise should not have been started or if the symptoms broke out during exercise, the exercise should be terminated immediately.