Final International University | Teachers’ Day at Final International University

Teachers’ Day at Final International University

Teachers’ Day was celebrated at Final International Final University on 24th November. Teachers’ day events have been held annually since 1981 and mark the day that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk took the title of ‘Head Teacher’. Flowers were distributed to staff and students fort he occasion, and the event proper began in the FIU Conference Hall with the opening speech of FIU Rector, Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak. The Rector addressed prospective teachers in particular, emphasising that FIU is determined to train them as excellent teachers, as well as paying tribute to all teachers, prospective, present and past.

Dr. Belma Tugrul of FIU’s Faculty of Educational Sciences, and one of Turkey’s most prominent academics in the field of pre-school education, then gave a presentation on the theme of ‘Being an Unforgettable Teacher’. Dr. Tuğrul drew on her own experience to give an overview of the qualities of a good teacher, underlining the need for teachers to continue to be learners as well as teachers, and to view teaching as a profession that imbues every moment of the practioner’s life. Dr. Tuğrul noted that every student has different characteristics and speeds of learning, and that it was critical for teachers to observe these differences and to listen to and understand their students. Speaking in particular to students at FIU Faculty of Educational Sciences, Dr. Tuğrul recommended that teachers avoid rote learning practices, and casting students into a single mould, constantly renew and refresh their skills and knowledge, and, above all, love their profession.