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Final International University Elects Student Representatives

The FIU Student Council elections have been held with students elected to the Council from each Faculty and School. The purpose of the Council is to enable students to effectively communicate their expectations and wishes to the University governing bodies and partipate in educational decision-making processes. Fifteen candidates stood for election, and the representatives elected are:

  • Ergun Dilekmen from the School of Physical Education and Sports,
  • Fikriye Era from the Faculty of Educational Sciences,
  • Mehmet Perçinkardeşler from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
  • Dorins Mbimon Djian from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Abu Bakar Mahmud from the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts,
  • Waleed Ahmed from the Faculty of Engineering,
  • Ivan Smirnov from the School of Tourism and Culinary Arts, and
  • Furkan Parlatan from the School of Foreign Languages.

Waleed Ahmed was then elected as the President, Mehmet Perçinkardeşler General Secretary, and Ergün Dilekmen, Fikriye Eroglu, Furkan Parlatan as board members, thus forming the Executive Board. The Council has already convened its first meeting and commenced its work.