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Tourism Week at Final International University

As part of Tourism Week, The Final International University Tourism and Culinary Arts Association organized a seminar on "Eco-Tourism in the Context of Sustainable Tourism" to draw attention to the importance of eco-tourism.

Erkan Kilim, President of the Cyprus Turkish Tourism and Travel Agencies Union, discussed the importance of sustainable tourism in the seminar and gave information about eco-tourism in Northern Cyprus. Lois Ismail Cemal, President of the Supervisory Board of the Büyükkonuk Eco-Tourism Association, explained the the development of Büyükkonuk Eco-Day, and how the community was involved through traditional dance shows and theater providing an accompaniment to the sale and exhibition of traditional Cypriot food and products. Cemal also focused on the importance of the activities for the women of the region.

FIU Lecturer Mürüde Ertaç gave a presentation on "Gender in Eco-tourism". Describing the differences between eco-tourism and conventional tourism, Ertaç emphasized the necessity for eco-tourism development, pointing out that eco-tourism is extremely important for women living in rural areas to be able to create economic value especially given that the participation of women living in rural areas in working life is difficult because of social attitudes.