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A First in International Final University

With the support of the Republic of Turkey Embassy in Nicosia, Final International University has established the first Performance Analysis and Biomechanics Laboratory in North Cyprus. The laboratory aims to bring national and international sporting success to the highest level by providing scientific support to sport together with quality education and thereby serve the sports world and the public as well as the education of university students.

Laboratory Fitted by Last Technology Devices

The opening was conducted by the Nicosia Embassy Development and Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Office of Specialist Consultant Yasin Saatci, and FIU Rector Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak, and attended by the Embassy officials and FIU staff.  The project manager, and Director of the FIU School of Sports and Physical Education, Dr. A. Taner Erdoğan provided information about the state-of-the-art devices in the laboratory for Anthropometric Testing, Thermal Camera Tests, Basal Metabolism Rate Measurement, Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max), Invasive and Noninvasive Lactate Threshold Determination, ECG Analysis, 3D Kinematic Analysis, Respiratory Function Test (PFT) (Body Fat and Muscle, Water and Mineral Analysis), Fatty Fat and Muscle Distribution (5 regions), Reaction Time, Speed, Acceleration and Acceleration Tests.

Erdogan emphasized that the Performance Analysis and Biomechanical Laboratories could provide services to future sportsmen and make an important contribution in terms of the development of sports tourism. Erdogan noted that sporting success depends on many factors and that the physical performance status, physiological and kinematic characteristics of the athlete should be well determined when training programs are determined. Erdogan stated that " We believe that these requirements of top national and national athletes, especially in the TRNC and coming from abroad for pre-season and season camps, must be met. We believe that this need will be met through this laboratory." The laboratory will not provide a foundation for performance analysis, injury risk assessment and treatments, and nutritional expertise, but also make an important contribution to post-graduate education, research and publications, as well as representing our country in the best possible way.