Final International University | Final International University Holds English Language Day

Final International University Holds English Language Day

A colourful and enjoyable 'FIU English Language Day' was held at Final International University. Organized by the academic staff and students of the English Language Teaching Program and The School of Foreign Languages, the event included project and poster presentations and workshops and talks, all emphasising the importance of English language education through an interactive method.

The event began with a workshop on "Student Centered Learning, Teaching and Evaluation" conducted by teacher trainer Rhian Webb, and asking participants to explore the differences between teacher and student-centered education. Two ELTT students, Beste Tunç and Ece Özcan then gave a presentation on twenty-first century skills, which was followed by videos prepared by SFL students.  

The event concluded with a raffle, after which participants enjoyed the posters, and models outside the hall along with a mini-cocktail.