Final International University | ‘What’s in a Hand 2?’ Exhibition

‘What’s in a Hand 2?’ Exhibition

In the scope of the Creativity and Creative Development course in the FIU Faculty of Educational Sciences, Preschool Education Program, the second “What’s in a Hand ? ” exhibition was opened by The Rector of our University, Dr. Abdullah Öztoprak, on Wednesday, January 9. The exhibition showcased the works of Preschool Teaching students with interesting presentations, designs, paintings and riddles all intended to improve the creativity of preschool children.

The contents of the exhibition included interactive stands devoted to:

ABC of Creativity // Idioms // Roots of Words: Guess where they come from? // Picture Stories // Shaped Poems // Have you ever see an Elephfly!? // Should I stay or should I go? // Brain burning questions // Complete the objects // Pictures everywhere // Imagine and Draw // What is it now? // If I were a machine… // Choose your words, write a story // For me, this exhibition…