Final International University | Final International University Enterpreneurship and Career Camp for Teenagers in High School

Final International University Enterpreneurship and Career Camp for Teenagers in High School

‘Enterpreneurship and Career Camp’ for teenagers in high school, held in Final International University for three days has come to an end. The aim of the camp was to help teenagers, who are at a crucial desicion-making point in their lives, to shape their future and raise their self-awareness. During the camp, experts from business and education fields, and psychologists came together with the students. Throughout the camp, Final Schools Board of Director, Vice President of Board of Trustees of Final International University and Chairperson of TÖDER İbrahim Taşel, Technology Expert and Lala Eğitim Founder Furkan Taşel, Chairman of Administrative Board and General Director of Albank Ahmet Melih Karavelioğlu, Chairman of the Executive Board of Başel Holding Burak Başel, Malpas Hotel General Executive Mert Bölükbaşı, Social Services Expert Barış Başel, Education Expert and Okan University Candidate Relationship Director, Servet Gülsün Şirin, and Psychologist Writer Prof. Dr. A. Kadir Özer joined the students. Students completing the three-day program also received certificates.

The goal must be set with determination and faith

The three-day camp, organized by Final International University and with an intense participation, held sessions supporting students who were at a major turning point in their lives to understand themselves better and to give importance to the career choices. Final International University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak making the opening speech of the camp reiterated that the university was also as young and dynamic as the participating teenagers,  and at the same time, it was of good quality and well-equipped with the strenght and experiences of its founding partners. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Öztoprak sharing his life experiences with the students stated that it is important for the person to know himself during the decision-making process and in this process, he always should be faithful and determined to reach the end.

Attention-grabbing/Captivating titles?

Speakers in the fields of business and education from T.R.N.C., Turkey and all around the world talked and shared their experiences about a great number of sectors including education, technology, banking, tourism, media and engineering for three days.

During the camp, Final International University Faculty Member Psychologist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Linda Fraim held a workshop helping students to raise self-awareness.