Final International University | Final International University hosts Özgür Bolat

Final International University hosts Özgür Bolat

Final International University recently welcomed Dr.Özgür Bolat, one of Turkey's premier educational scientists and authors. In the talk at the University's conference Hall, Dr. Özgür Bolat talked about answers to such questions as what can be done to preserve integrity in child-rearing, what are the factors that disturb integrity and what are the consequences. During the talk, with high participation from students and parents from preschool teaching, special education teaching, psychology and guidance and psychological counseling programs, different aspects of child-rearing were discussed.

“Approval is vital and it must be non-judgemental”

During his talk, Dr. Bolat said that a child whose developmental needs are satisfied is happy and can move forward in life with joy. He also explained how sometimes as teachers and parents, even with good intentions, we may inadvertently disrupt the child's self-integrity. For example, saying "well done" as mere praise can cause trouble, whereas when “well-done” is given as feedback , it supports the individual's development. The child needs approval to develop his / her identity as an individual. Approval must be non judgemental.

As to the question of how to protect individual integrity, Bolat gave six suggestions, including asking questions of interest, allowing self-assessment, giving feedback, making use of witness statements to allow the child to know that his / her behavior is visible, giving autonomy to children and  being consistent. Bolat said: “it should not be forgotten that children need limits. Children feel safe within borders.”