Final International University | Exemplary behavior of Final International University students

Exemplary behavior of Final International University students

  • Final University Faculty of Education Pre-School Teaching Department students provided maintenance, repair, toys, books and materials support to Primary School in the region.
  • Final University students identified the needs of the school in cooperation with the primary school administration and then voluntarily carried out maintenance, repairs and renovations themselves. Material support was given by the university.

Final University, Faculty of Education, Pre-School Teaching Department Students within the scope of their  “community service practices” course contacted a primary school in the local area to renovate the school building and gather materials to meet the needs of the students before the commencement of the new academic year.

Final University students and academics first visited the school and observed the situation at the primary school; they identified the deficiencies noted by the teachers. The students, who were planning together with their academics for the elimination of the deficiencies, provided some financial income by organizing kermes with their own facilities at the University.

Students of  Final University Pre-School Teaching Department  prepared donation boxes with the help of volunteers and collected educational materials, clothes, toys, shoes and books. With the income collected from the Kermes, the students bought the materials needed for the renovation of the school building and re-organized the classrooms in order to provide more efficient teaching.

“The contributions made by the Final University are as important to our school as they are to other institutions.”

The primary school teachers and management, came together with the Final university to determine and address the needs of the school and were very pleased with the result that that was achieved.

The primary school administration stated that Final university is the best example of this understanding by addressing the importance of the universities to contribute to the regions where they are founded with social responsibility awareness; “we would like to thank Final university, its students, academics, employees and everyone who supported the Final family's initiatives.

With the support of their academicians, the students of the Department of pre-school teaching at the Faculty of Education at Final University have provided the needs of the school and have also gained organizational experience by demonstrating solidarity through the project they have done.