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Supreme Court At Final University

Final University Law Club students hosted Emine Güler Elverici, member of the 15th  Civil Chamber member of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey. At the conference held in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and the Law Club  at Final University, the topic of "profession choice and Justice in Law" was discussed with current examples. Law School students Emre Sorguç and Bekir Duran gave a short concert at the beginning of the conference, which was hosted by Kardelen Kurşun, a law school student, and songs were sung in unison with the participation of the entire hall.  

"Turkey, should strengthen the democratic constitutional state

After the performance, the dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Mehmet Merdan Hekimoğlu gave an opening speech titled 'The legal development of Turkey in the historical process from Medina to Lausanne' at the conference attended by academics and students. The old debate, transfering to the system of “multi-legality”, as expressed by some, should be left stated Prof. Hekimoğlu and he emphasized the importance of strengthening the democratic-rule of law regime by meticulously protecting the unitary and secular political structure of Turkey by securing the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens. Hekimoğlu stated that Ismet Pasha's struggle for independence against militarist and imperialist forces in Lausanne was in this direction, “our Republic will continue its development with its unicist and secular legal structure based on common constitutional citizenship, and if we have to express it with the epigraph of Atatürk, it will be enduring forever.”. Hekimoğlu stated that TRNC 's legal system is a very important model because of it's both singular and secular structure .

After Dean Hekimoğlu, the program continued with the speech of Emine Güler Elverici, a member of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey. In her speech to the students, Elverici elaborated on how a contemporary jurist ,who would meet the requirements of our age, should follow a path in terms of  professional development; she also gave various examples from her own experiences as a student of how she  overcame the obstacles. The speech was followed by a short informative film about the Supreme Court. At the end of the conference,  Dean Prof. Dr. Hekimoğlu presented a plaque and thanked Emine Güler Elverici, a member of the Supreme Court,  for her visit.