Final International University | Training For Academicians from Macmillan Education Publications at Final University

Training For Academicians from Macmillan Education Publications at Final University

“Professional Development Training” was organised by Macmillan Education Publications in line with the professional needs of the instructors at the school of Foreign Languages of Final University. During the two days, sessions were held with the aim of improving the teaching skills of the Academic Staff of the School of Foreign Languages in line with the educational vision and progress mission established by Final University.

New approaches in education

Teresa Doğuelli, who works as a full-time teacher trainer at Macmillan Education Publications, one of the leading actors in the production of educational materials in recent years, discussed the effective use of existing textbooks using contemporary teaching techniques. The second session of the training attended by the academicians in the School of Foreign Languages at Final University, which has students from 41 different nationalities, was designed to focus on what is to be considered when creating the content of the course. During the second session, the academics were informed about topics such as: “How do the students of our generation learn?  How to teach life skills in the English language? How do we renew our training techniques in line with the changing world and changing demands? Currently, what skills are employers looking for in employees? And how do we adapt our education according to these skills?"

At the end of the training, participants were presented with Macmillan certificates The Vice-Rector responsible for Academic Affairs and the director of the School of Foreign Languages Prof. Dr. Gülşen M. Vefalı thanked Deniz Plaza and Macmillan Publishing House for their contributions.

Who is Teresa Doğuelli?

Teresa Doğuelli is an educator who has taught adults, adolescents and children since 1976 and has worked with teachers, educators, inspectors and parents. She has a diploma in DTEFLA (Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults) and a master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading. She endeavours to be a world-changing person.