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Current Announcement

Dear Students,
I am pleased to inform you that in line with the recent decision of the educational authorities in Turkey and TRNC, as of 23 March, 2020 we are going to resume our online instruction for the non-applied courses.

Please note that our educational services will continue online until further notice from the authorities.
Whether you are in TRNC or together with your families at home, please make sure that you enroll and participate in online classes according to your 2019/2020 Spring semester course schedule; your teachers will follow the weekly instructional plan in your course descriptions. You can use the video guide to follow your courses on the link, you need to examine the video guide carefully prior to the on-line instruction.
It is crucial for you to make the most of this opportunity in order to benefit from the continuity of your education. Your teachers will monitor your on-line attendance/participation via LMS.
You are supposed to study course-related slides, other materials, complete assignments, projects, and other course requirements. Also, you need to actively participate in interactive instruction and, if need be, email your questions and requests to your course instructor.

For education related matters, please email your Course Instructor, if need be, Advisor, Faculty Dean or School Director.
Keep safe and wishing you every success in your on-line studies.

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Y. Öztoprak