Final International University | FIU and Anatolia Tourism Hold Joint Tourism Seminar

FIU and Anatolia Tourism Hold Joint Tourism Seminar

The two-day 12th Academic Tourism Education and Research Workshop organized jointly by Final International University and Anatolia Tourism at The Acapulco Hotel, ended on January 25th. The workshop focused on the current situation in the TRNC tourism sector, with a view to developing a new vision and plan for the future. Participants in the workshop included academics, members of non-governmental organizations, and members of relevant institutions and companies from both Turkey and TRNC. The workshop aimed to provide a blueprint for future planning processes for tourism in TRNC, and concluded with a summary of the problems and solutions identified during the workshop, with particular reference to embargos, irregular structuring, transportation and a tourism master plan. Reports from the workshop will all be made publicly available. Finally, the workshop closed with awards of certificates of participation to the many academics, and representatives of the tourism sector who contributed to the event.