Final International University | Summer Semester Regulations

Summer Semester Regulations

  1. In the Summer term, based on the Faculty/School Council decision, a student can take 2 or 3 courses subject to not exceeding 12 credit hours.
  2. Students who have fulfilled all requirements of the English Preparatory School, may register in Summer Semester courses. 
  3. Students who previously received a (D-), (F), (NG), or (U) grade from a course must register for that course as soon as it is available in the Summer Semester
  4. The course that is offer at FIU, it cannot be taken from another University.
  5. Students who are not UFU students and want to take courses from UFU in the Summer Semester should apply to [email protected].
  6. Regardless of the scholarship status, Students shall pay 600 TL per Credit
  7. Students who want to take Elective courses in the Summer Semester can also register for these courses with the approval of the Advisor.
  8. Students who wish to take courses in the Summer Semester must submit their requests by July 9, 17:30 at the latest.