Final International University | “Student Friendly Island” Project

“Student Friendly Island” Project

A new era has begun in TRNC with the signing of the “student friendly Island” Project protocol prepared by the TRNC Ministry of Education and culture. Within the scope of the project, a card will be given to each student studying in the TRNC the card given aims to facilitate the living conditions of the students by gaining some advantages while studying in the TRNC.  These advantages are:
In the academic year 2020-2021, the TRNC state will provide financial assistance by loading 500TL on the cards of the students who will register for the first time,

  • A system will be created in which students studying in the TRNC can obtain discounts on their shopping and expenses by using their cards,
  • Starting in September, a single PCR test at Ercan Airport will be free of charge for students entering the TRNC,
  • It will be easier for families to send money to their children,
  • The card will be valid in many countries other than TRNC,
  • All state scholarships and improvements that the state will provide to students within the scope of the student friendly TRNC project will be reflected to the students through this card.

The features of the card to be presented to students are planned as follows:

  • It will have a processor that works without physical contact.
  • It will also function as a wallet without using cash.
  • The card will be an internationally valid bank and shopping card.
  • It will offer the possibility to withdraw money anywhere in the world.
  • Due to having the feature of integrating with a desired card, a single card will be sufficient for students on and off campus.
  • A software application that will be able to monitor financial movements will be presented to the student.