Final International University | Eurhodip ‘Creative Teacher Award’ for Fınal International University, Tourism Lecturer

Eurhodip ‘Creative Teacher Award’ for Fınal International University, Tourism Lecturer

The best hotel schools association, Eurhodip hosted a ‘Creative Teacher Award’ competition for all its member schools.  The 115 member association introduced this competition during the Covid-19 Pandemics for all its schools, in order to motivate creative teaching.  The conditions of online teaching often is limited for opportunities for creativity however, Final International University Lecturer Dr. Mete Ünal Girgen was able to provide creative teaching. 

There were over 30 applications for the competition from around the world to include Spain, Germany, France and Holland.  Dr. Mete Unal Girgen achieved 5th place in the competition with his creative teaching for the important subject of Housekeeping Management.  Although this subject is one of the most fundamental subject areas in Hospitality and Tourism, it’s often difficult to motivate students under normal circumstances already, however during Covid-19 this was even more challenging!  For this reason FIU lecturer Dr. Mete Ünal Girgen, provided an opportunity for learning through what he called ‘The Housekeeping Challenge’.  He firstly prepared a video of himself servicing a hotel room by following all the Housekeeping Management rules, regulations and procedures and asked students to service their own spaces in accordance to the Housekeeping Management Course and prepare a video that shows understanding through practical application.

Dr. Mete Ünal Girgen has received his award already and will be invited to participate in the Eurhodip conference, to be hosted at Sternden University in Holland.  There will be a small online event this year, but the large event has been postponed to 2021.

Tourism and Culinary Art School Director, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nafiya Guden congratulated the lecturer and stated that her team is an excellent example for providing learning with creative input for both theory and practical learning.  She also added that the infrastructure and facilities at FIU are state of the art and although the school is just four years old they have already achieved many awards in competitions.  She stated the university has excellent contacts with the sector, locally and internationally, creating a perfect environment for learning to the highest possible standards for Hotel, Culinary and Tourism graduates.  Local students are offered guaranteed employment upon graduation for this reason.