Final International University | Announcement


According to the decision taken on 20th November 2021 by the Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases Higher Committee, Those who had COMIRNATY (Pfizer/Biontech), VAXZEVRIA (Astrazeneca/Oxford), MODERNA vaccinations and had passed their 6th month after their 2nd dose; those who had CORONAVAC (Sinovac) vaccination and had passed their 3rd month after their 2nd dose; and those who had COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen / Johnson and Johnson vaccination and had passed their 3rd month after their 1st dose will be considered NON-VACCINATED and their Adapass will be canceled by 6th December 2021 unless they have their follow-up dose of vaccination.
Because these individual’s Adapass will be canceled and will be considered non-vaccinated, they will not be allowed indoors for various areas (such as the indoor areas of restaurants) and they will not be eligible for free Antigen testing.

We kindly recommend that you have your follow up vaccination doses so that your courses and examinations are not interrupted.