Final International University | Gastronomy Career Days

Gastronomy Career Days

Final International University is in preparation to organize a gastronomy careers event. Students will meet with experts from the field, at the Serinli Campus.

We are living in extraordinary times where every year, millions of guests are travelling between cities, and even countries to experience unique flavors.  Gastronomy has become an area that is increasing tourism revenues of destinations. In order for students and countries in this geography to benefit from this situation, Final International University management will be hosting an event with guests from the worlds capital of gastronomy, France, on the 25th and 26th of May.  Michelin-stars restaurant consultant Caroline Van Maenen and Michelin Star chef Bruno Sohn will be sharing their experiences with the students.

It is known that there are a total of 3188 restaurants with Michelin stars, which are considered the most valuable globally in the field of gastronomy. Michelin restaurant consultant Caroline Van Maenen, will be job dating with Gastronomy and Tourism Management students. This is considered as a great opportunity for the students seeking recruitment in international countries. Students that are new to the industry will be introduced to important information regarding skills and experiences required in Michelin Star restaurants.  The event is expected to be an inspiration for the future graduates in the field of gastronomy and tourism management which will take place on 25th  May at 11:00.

A cooking show will be held at Serinli Campus on May 26th at 11:00 by Michelin Star Chef Bruno Sohn, which is accepted as one of the leading chefs in the world who specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Bruno has researched the specialty ingredients available in the land and sea of Cyprus, and will show how to prepare these Mediterranean dishes.