Final International University | Nature Walk in Memory of Birkan Uzun

Nature Walk in Memory of Birkan Uzun

Organized jointly by the TRNC Ministry of National Education, Final International University and the Cyprus Turkish Entrepreneurial Women's Association, the "Hiking to nature in memory of Birkan Uzun" event was held in Bufavento Castle with the participation of Serdar Kılıç.

Instructor and naturalist Serdar Kılıç gave information to the participants in his speech before the walk. Kılıç said; “There is no difficulty level on our route to Bufavento Castle. It is in a situation where we can go out easily. There is no harmful situation. There are only snakes here, but they do not harm us. There is no danger on our route today. If our friends participating in this walk can ascend at their own pace according to their own heart rate, we will reach the peak more easily.”

During the walk towards the peak, instructor Kılıç answered the questions of the students of the Final International University School of Physical Education and Sports and gave information about nature. Upon arrival at Bufavento Castle, historical information about Bufavento Castle was conveyed by the TRNC Mountaineering Sports Association officials. The participants who completed the track unfurled the flags of the Republic of Turkey and TRNC accordingly with the meaning and importance of the day. At the end of the event, photos were taken with Instructor Serdar Kılıç, students and participants.