Final International University | Special Performance for FIU Students

Special Performance for FIU Students

Students showed great interest in the play organized jointly by Güzelyurt Municipality and Final International University.

The play OKB-OKB was specially organized for the students of Final International University by the Güzelyurt Municipality City Theater. Jale Dinarlı, actor-director, made a brief statement about the play: “The play is about a group of people with obsessive-compulsive disorders with different obsessions getting to know each other and helping each other. People who come to the meeting learn that an appointment is made for them at the same time. People who experience the shock of their lives suddenly find themselves in a group therapy seession. This play, originally titledd TOC TOC, was written by Laurent Baffie in 2005. It has been translated into Turkish. Another feature of the play is that it is instructive. Today, there are psychology students of Final International University here. This play is related to their field and it is very exciting for us to perform such a play for them. We'd love to hear your criticisms after watching our play. Have a good time everyone”.

Theatrical performance took place in two acts. The students, who watched the performance with interest, were amazed by the performances of the actors. After the end of the play, Final International University Social and Cultural Activities Coordinator Sen. Inst. Shahab Miri presented a plaque to Güzelyurt Municipality. Member of the Assembly, Hasan Kalkanlı received the plaque on behalf of the Güzelyurt Municipality.

In his speech, Kalkanlı said: "Final International University students, welcome to Güzelyurt. Today, our theater team has staged this play especially for you. We are very happy to have you here. I hope you liked the play. As far as I heard, there are also psychology students here. The criticism they make on this play is very valuable to us. Happy Psychologists Day. We look forward to seeing you again in our next plays. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed to this organization and the management of Final International University.”
Then, Sen. Inst. Miri said: “I would like to thank you on behalf of our university and students for the performance you have staged for us. It was a great show. We enjoyed it a lot. We would like to take a souvenir photo with you and our students, Thank you for your efforts."
After the collective souvenir photo, the students took selfies with the actors. Some students said that they would keep the theater brochures as a souvenir by having the actors sign them.