Final International University | Rectors Discussed "Cooperation in Education"

Rectors Discussed "Cooperation in Education"

Cyprus Science University Rector Prof. Dr. Lale Ayşegül Büyükgönenç made a courtesy visit to the Rector of Final International University Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Yaratan.
The purpose of the visit, which took place at FIU Çatalköy campus, was cooperation in education. FIU Rector, Prof. Dr. Yaratan, made a statement: “Today, I am proud to host our esteemed rector Prof. Dr. Büyükgönenç at our university. We met with our guest to discuss some educational issues for the future of our students. We expressed our thoughts on what we can do about inter-university educational cooperation. We will act in accordance to a joint decision. I would like to thank our guest for her visit.”

Cyprus Science University Rector Prof. Dr. Büyükgönenç said: “I am here today upon the kind invitation of our esteemed Rector Prof. Dr. Yaratan. We will discuss the decision to take a common step for the education of our students at our universities. We have the best intentions for our students with the decisions we will make. I would like to thank our dear rector for his hospitality.”

At the end of the visit, the rectors, who agreed on what could be done more about the education of the students, were photographed.