Final International University | Job Interview with Michelin Star Restaurant Consultant

Job Interview with Michelin Star Restaurant Consultant

As part of Final International University Career Days, a job interview event was held at the Serinli campus by the School of Tourism and Culinary Arts and the Career Center. Michelin Star Restaurant consultant Caroline Van Maenen conducted the interviews with FIU students.

Director of the School of Tourism and Culinary Arts Assist. Prof. Dr. Nafiya Güden said: “As Final International University, while giving importance to practice, we decided to organize this event together with our Career Center so that our students can gain experience in international fields. We wanted to broaden the horizons of our students by inviting Michelin-starred restaurant consultant Caroline Van Maenen and Chef Bruno Sohn. A job interview was held with our students studying at the School of Tourism and Culinary Arts by Caroline Van Maenen.”

 Michelin-starred restaurant consultant Maenen: “You have trained your students very well. We would like to sign a protocol with your school on recruitment for jobs and internships. Thank you for the quality education you provide here. Normally, I would do all interviews in one day. But I increased the interview time to two days. As of today, I made a job offer to 15 of the students here. I continue my interviews for students who want to do internship. Students here can find employment in most European countries with the quality education they receive. I would like to continue these interviews every year with your graduates.”

Assist. Prof. Dr. Güden: “All of our international students at our school participated in the interview. With the foreign language education offered by our school, our students expressed themselves comfortably. We are very proud to offer our students quality education and job opportunities abroad.”