Final International University | Earthquake Training

Earthquake Training

The "Earthquake Simulation Truck," operating under the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs, visited FIU Çatalköy campus and for an earthquake training session organized by the Final International University and the TRNC Civil Defense Organization Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management.

In addition to university students, primary school students were also informed about what to do before, during and after an earthquake. After providing the theoretical knowledge, an earthquake simulation was carried out about what to do in practice. The importance of this training was better comprehended after experiencing the artificial earthquake at 6.6 magnitude.

In the statements made by the students: “We live in an earthquake zone. There was an earthquake in Cyprus before during which we tried to escape in panic. Here we learned how wrong that was. We were told what we should do to create a life triangle for ourselves. We were afraid at first during the artificial earthquake. But thanks to the training we received, these fearful moments came to an end. We learned that the Earthquake Simulation Truck came to Northern Cyprus for the first time. We are very lucky to have received this training. We would like to thank the trainers and others who contributed.”