Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aims and Outcomes

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has always strived to best meet the bulk of the country's need for civil engineers. Program of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, at the undergraduate level, is a four years course program. After going through the fundamental engineering courses in the first year, the students will study the specific civil engineering courses from the second year and by end of third year, they would be qualified to attend the summer training course to experience the fieldwork. Our program has one major in civil engineering to train qualified engineers who have sufficient expertise and skills in all civil engineering activities, including execution, design, consulting, and management. The Faculty of Engineering designed the Civil Engineering program to train qualified graduates who could attain:

  • Become competent and engaged engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills in the planning, design, construction, operation or maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure, and utilizing their skills to analyze and design systems, specify project methods and materials, perform cost estimates and analyses, and manage technical activities in support of civil engineering projects.
  • Initiated an active program of life-long learning, including studies leading to professional licensure or an advanced degree in engineering, that provides for the continued development of their technical abilities and management skills, and attainment of professional expertise.
  • Developed their communication skills in oral, written, visual, and graphic modes when working as team members or leaders, so they can actively participate in their communities and their profession.
  • Established an understanding of professionalism, ethics, quality performance, public policy, safety, and sustainability that allows them to be professional leaders and contributors to society when solving engineering problems and producing civil engineering solutions.