Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program consists of 124 credits of full knowledge to complete. Students study at the International Final University for the first 3 years and the final year at the University of Ulster. In order to graduate, student must have an cumulative average of grades (CGPA) at least 2.00 over 4.00.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
FIU credit allocation system has been arranged as a 1 ECTS credit base in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System and accordingly; conducting a total students are required to do a total of 25 hours of study in and out of the classroom.

Thus, a four-year UFU degree equals approximately 30 ECTS credits each semester and a total of 240 ECTS credits.

During a calendar year, a student must work for a total of 1500 hours in class, home or vacation studies to meet the program requirements.

Graduates of the program are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Studies (with Enterprise).