Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aims and Outcomes

Factors affecting today's business world such as digital revolution, globalization, sustainability and increasing competition among businesses have made it obligatory for businesses to give the necessary importance to their marketing activities. It is possible that marketing, which can be defined as the process of creating long-term customer relationships by creating value and gaining value as a result, enables businesses to become more advantageous by differentiating from other businesses while competing. Marketing activities include information, distribution, promotion, sales and after-sales services by identifying the products and services that consumers need in line with their wishes.

The aim of the marketing program is to be able to design and carry out marketing activities by adapting to the dynamics of the global world that today's business world needs, to be able to think creatively, have ethical and social responsibility values ​​and a researcher spirit, have advanced communication skills, can apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired, have an analytical perspective, and are open to contemporary approaches. To train qualified marketing experts who can follow and apply them, have developed scientific decision-making skills, professional competence and self-confidence. The program aims to achieve this goal with its curriculum based on current marketing problems and practices, competent instructors who will teach the courses in the program equipped with computers and other educational technologies.

In this program, students will have knowledge and skills in marketing research, target market analysis, strategy determination, marketing plan preparation, product management, retailing, sales management, advertising, corporate communication, brand management, international marketing, digital marketing and internet marketing. They will learn to make applications within the framework of socially responsible marketing principles that are sensitive to nature and humanity. The curriculum of the program will be kept up-to-date by tracking academic and sectoral advances in marketing both nationally and globally.

Industry-university cooperation is provided for students to use their theoretical knowledge in practice. The courses are prepared in line with the needs of the industry and will be given by lecturers with academic and field experience.

Since the language of instruction is English, students will improve their English reading, writing and especially speaking skills and thus have the opportunity to communicate with the whole world. Students who successfully complete the program will be equipped with a foreign language as well as marketing subjects, and will have the necessary qualities to be successful in the global arena. Students who complete this department will be able to practice their profession in different parts of the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • To have basic information about the field of study.
  • To develop effective and creative marketing mix strategies that will adapt to different market conditions and types of buyers in national and international contexts.
  • Be aware of ethical and environmental issues when dealing with business and marketing related problems.
  • To communicate effectively in order to facilitate the flow of information in institutional, social and intercultural contexts related to their field.
  • To analyze the ooperations of local, regional and international markets and how economic, social and cultural issues affect marketing decisions.
  • To use a common foreign language and communicate with colleagues from all over the world to follow new developments in business, marketing and communication.
  • To convey his / her thoughts and suggestions at the level of knowledge and skills about the field of marketing in written and oral form in English.
  • To have the ability to interpret data, analyze them critically, define problems and propose solutions by using the knowledge gained in the field of marketing.
  • To use information and communication technologies together with advanced computer programs in marketing.
  • To develop the leadership and decision-making skills required to be effective in professional business life.
  • To understand the formal and informal relationships that exist between people in business life.
  • To deepen the knowledge and skills by experiencing the learning outcomes in two different cultures and education systems.