Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

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Who Can Apply?

  • Students possessing TRNC citizenship
  • International Students


The Final International University Department of Management Information Systems was founded in 2020. Its undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science honors degree that is taught in English.

The education of the Management Sciences and Information Technology are roughly equal in Management Information Systems program. The instructions are equipped with knowledge and skills in marketing, production, accounting, finance, human resources, and strategic planning, as well as computer programming languages, databases, networks, security, and internet programming. Our students specialize in how information technologies can most effectively meet the information needs of the organization.

MIS serves as a critical bridge between business and technology professionals in organizations. The most common tasks that our graduate students will undertake are determining customer needs and product marketing in companies that produce information technology solutions, and determining and meeting the information technology needs of the organization in enterprises and public institutions in the most effective way.