Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aims and Outcomes

The aim of the Management Information Systems Undergraduate Program is; to gain the ability of businesses and individuals to understand the planning, design, establishment and management processes of the methods, processes and systems used to meet the need to produce, store, share and access information that gives its name to the era and society we live in.

It is aimed to ensure that FIU Management Information Systems program graduates have the following objectives:

  • Implements the planning, organization, coordination and control functions in Management Information Systems.
  • Understands the dynamics of Management Information Systems in the globalized business and information technology order.
  • Can use and apply contemporary information technology.
  • By combining theoretical and practical experience, the students will be able to contribute to the improvement of the system in which they work.
  • Be able to communicate efficiently in business using professional language.
  • Takes initiative in changing business conditions and can solve problems with analytical and creative approaches.
  • Considers the awareness of social responsibility and ethics learned in business life.
  • Can use leadership, coordination, organizational communication skills.
  • Gains the essential knowledge of other disciplines that shape the foundation of Management Information Systems (informatics, software, economics, business administration, and digital sciences, for example) and applies this expertise in the area of business and information technology.
  • Can identify potential business opportunities and challenges in the market, make the required plans for implementation, and have entrepreneurial skills to put these plans into action.