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Psychology aims to facilitate human life and social relations through the definition, understanding and explanation of the invisible mental processes triggering human behavior. The most important contribution of the science of psychology in our daily life is that it enables us to explain both mental and behavioral processes using models and theories, to examine their circumstances and conditions, and thereby predict developments and initiate responses.


Our vision is to provide our students with a globally recognized and respected diploma while helping our graduates contribute to their country as well as humanity in their professional life by proactively using the knowledge, information, and skills they acquired during their academic studies.

Our mission, as the FIU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology, is to provide our students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values that should be possessed by contemporary psychology graduates at the professional level and to ensure that our graduates are adequately equipped with the highest level of competencies and standards entailed with great self-confidence in delivering the services required by this profession. As part of our mission, we also aim to teach competencies defined for the 21st century that include skills for learning and innovation, information and communication technologies, life and career, and research and inquiry skills.