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Students possesing TRNC citizenship and International students (English language proficiency may be required for students).


International Law Undergraduate Program (LLB) established in 2020 within the Faculty of Law and will accept its first students in the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Law is a compelling and challenging practice. Its area of impact is immense. It may reach to people’s daily life as well as to the operations of governments on an international level. That is why our program established to train qualified lawyers to meet the increasing demand for such legal services in our country.

Our International Law Undergraduate Program (LLB) presents you with an appealing and effective academic experience, while the core modules that are required by the professional legal bodies will be brought to your attention. Within the legal profession, it is expected of you to acquire certain practical and intellectual skills and this course specifically grants these requirements with a disciplined program of skills development.

The course also offers a great amount of module choice. Besides the core modules, you may be able to choose from distinctive modules to fit with your area of interest. Core modules are English Legal Method, Constitutional Law, Legal Research and Writing, Administrative Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Law of Obligations, EU Law, Legal Accounting, Family Law, Commercial Law, Equity and Trust, Evidence and Civil Procedure, Property Law, Philosophy of Law, Commercial Law, Land Law, Labour Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Law of the Sea and International Criminal Law. Our elective modules vary from Sociology of Law, Criminology, Medical Law, Banking Law to Environmental Law, Arbitration Law, International Law and Children’s Right and Immigration Law with many other options to choose from.

The Faculty’s teaching methods are combinations of lectures, seminar-based discussions and class presentations along with lectures given by guest speakers from areas of special expertise. LLB’s assessment methods comprise open- and closed-book exams, in-class quizzes, projects and oral presentations. Alongside the theoretical education, our Faculty of Law encourages its students to develop their skills through practical lessons. For these purposes, it offers you a chance to take part in law clinics and hypothetical case studies as well.

Throughout the LLB course, you will be guaranteed to gain and develop complete understanding and knowledge of the key principles and doctrines that construct the English Legal System and beyond.