Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes

Our aim is to train graduates with knowledge, skills and competencies in Pharmacy, who take care of the benefit of society, who are researching, questioning, lifelong learning and evidence-based practice skills.

Individuals who graduated from the Pharmacy Undergraduate Program;

Gains the ability to prepare solutions and analyze the unknown within the scope of pharmacy basic sciences,

Recognizes pharmaceutical products of natural and synthetic origin used in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases,

Knows drug dosing and prepares drug forms (tablet, capsule, injectable etc.),

Learns drug formulations and can develop new formulations,

Learns toxic compounds, drug toxicology and analysis,

Learns biochemical mechanisms and the relationship between nutrition, disease and health,

Interprets the causes and effects of metabolic diseases in clinical biochemistry and evaluates laboratory findings,

Recognizes medicinal plants and pharmaceutical products and criticizes the advantages and disadvantages of their use, knows instrumental analyzes used in medicinal plant research,

Learns rational drug use,

Performs the analysis and risk assessment of drug-drug interactions and pharmacological routes of administration,

Knows the preparation, raw material formulations and production techniques of cosmetic products,

Knows human anatomy-physiology, knows distribution, absorption, metabolism and excretion of drugs,

Knows Pharmacy Deontology,

Have the necessary knowledge about medical first aid,

Can comment on pharmacy management and health law.