Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

The Faculty of Educational Sciences was opened in 2016. The Faculty aims to develop problem-solving skills, research skills and creative approaches to teaching suitable to the needs of contemporary society. The student-centred policy of our Faculty stresses throughout this need to identify problems and then find and apply solutions in both the classroom and the wider educational process. In our programs, theoretical knowledge lays the foundation for the creative thinking, application and evaluation of learning that constitute the contemporary educational cycle.

Our philosophy also incorporates the training of teachers to be innovative scientific researchers and critical thinkers within the field, as well as high level professionals and leaders within the teaching profession.


The Faculty of Educational Sciences has three funamental missions. 

First; “To train ethically-responsible expert professionals who are equipped with the 21st century skills and up-to-date professional skills.” 

Second; “To provide a learning environent where educational problems are discussed, solutions and suggestions are offered and each student can express themselves freely.”

Third; “As a socially-responsible educational institution, to create an institutitonal culture that includes social projects, meets the educational needs of the society and the individuals, supports productivity and creative thinking with relevant academic studies, is open to a cooperative interdisciplinary approach and to train academics to serve this process.”

To be one of the pioneering and respected educational institutions in Turkey and in the world as a faculty that offers scientific and quality education at the undergraduate and graduate level and trains qualified teachers and scientiests and conducts national and international research projects that contribute to the field.