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Turkish Language Teaching Program, which takes place in the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Final International University, is a 4-year undergraduate program. Turkish Language Teaching Program is carried out on the basis of contemporary approaches in teacher training. It has started accepting students as of the 2017-2018 academic year with the aim of training qualified teachers who can follow the studies in their field, are able to organize teaching activities in line with contemporary teaching techniques and technological developments, use different teaching methods and strategies in teaching processes, and benefit from contemporary assessment and evaluation methods. In this regard, there are courses for both professional and cultural competencies of students in the Turkish language teaching program.

Our graduates have the qualifications to teach in public and private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. In addition, they can work as a researcher, lecturer and academician in higher education institutions.


Our vision is to enable our graduates to contribute to their country and to the whole humanity by using the qualifications they have gained during their education with a diploma that is highly respected and accepted at national and international levels.


With the Turkish Language Teaching program at FIU Faculty of Education, our students gain professional knowledge, skills and values ​​that contemporary teachers should have, and reach a high level of competence and self-confidence that will help them perform their profession effectively. It is also part of our mission to qualify our students with the 21st century skills such as Learning and Innovation Skills, Information and Communication Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills, Research and Inquiry Skills.