Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes


By the end of the 4 year BA-ELT program, our students can:

LO1:  Communicate both fluently and accurately in the English language in both written and spoken form.

LO2: Explain concepts, principles and processes in the field of ELT.

LO3: Plan and implement courses of language instruction that is motivating and relevant to different ages, levels, and academic and professional specializations, both individually and in collaboration with others.

LO4: Provide constructive feedback on learner progress and evaluate the success of the learning process in line with theory and practice.

LO5: Evaluate the information, situations and problems related to ELT or other fields from a critical perspective and propose solutions

LO6: Show capacity for reflection, and the ability to set relevant individual and collective targets for future practice and professional development within the field of ELT.

LO7: Complete a series of tasks and projects in the field of ELT that demonstrate an understanding of basic research skills such as gathering, interpreting and synthesizing data in line with academic and ethical principles.

LO8: Take responsibility in individual and group tasks on issues related to the field of ELT and perform the tasks effectively in line with professional values and quality standards.

LO9: Develop socially and culturally informed practices and share them with relevant persons and institutions in national and international settings.

LO10: Use contemporary digital technology in academic study, classroom practice and communication.