Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Graduation Requirements

In order for students to graduate, they must successfully complete the 81-credit (120 ECTS) courses.

In order to graduate from the department, students must successfully complete their internships and applications as well as the number of courses and credits. It is compulsory to have practice in the vocational courses in the Physiotherapy Program . These practices will be carried out in cooperation with institutions and private sectors such as universities, hospitals affiliated with public institutions, private hospitals, and private branch centers.

For this purpose, cooperation protocols have been signed with TRNC Ministry of Health Hospitals, British Colon Hospitals in Nicosia and Kyrenia, Private Century Hospitals in Istanbul (Pendik and Gebze) and Private Pendik Hospital.

Degree to be achieved

Associate’s degree in physiotherapy

They can work with the title of "Physiotherapy Technician".