Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is a field that studies the relationship between culture and food. It also means hygienic, well-arranged, pleasant and tasty cuisine, food order and system. The subject of Gastronomy is the process of preparing all edible materials to be ready to be eaten on the table hygienically and aiming at maximum palate and eye pleasure.

The Culinary Arts Associate Degree Program aims to train individuals who are candidates to be qualified chefs for food and beverage businesses. It aims to bring the pleasure of the eye and taste to the table by following hygiene and sanitation rules. The department aims to contribute to the increase in demand for trained and experienced cooks to fill the gap in the sector.

It aims to train individuals who are equipped with knowledge and skills on the cultural heritage of national food culture and Cypriot cuisine as well as international cuisine cultures, who can evaluate the basic knowledge and skills they have acquired in their field.  Graduates are expected to have a strong foundation in culinary and be qualified to transform knowledge into practice as well as theoretical knowledge.

While the program is being taught and assessed within the framework of academic evaluation criteria (written, applied, oral, exam, project, etc.), it also has a high dependence on field applications (food preparations in one of the six available labs or studio), practical studies (food presentations), internships and competitions, etc.

Students who complete the program;

  • Know and apply the concepts, principles and theories in the field of cooking.
  • Know and apply the theories of food safety, cooking and serving techniques.
  • Have knowledge and skills in the fields of menu planning, cost analysis, and professional ethics.

The performance of the students is monitored continuously.

After the internship, the students will receive feedback from the institutions and organizations where they have completed their internship.  Very often, this results in employment prospects and job offers.