Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

The Modern Languages Division of the School of Foreign Languages at FIU provides university core English courses to both English- medium and Turkish-medium degree programs. Classes are generally held for three hours per week. The Division also supplies instruction in additional foreign languages.

Modern Languages Division Courses:

English – Medium programs:

ENGL 101- English I (3,0)3

This is a first-semester EAP course for freshman students, and it focuses on developing both receptive and productive skills as well as the study skills required for university-level coursework.

ENGL 102-English II (3,0)3

This course is continuation of ENGL 101- English I. It involves further development of students’ EAP oral and written communication skills as well as further development of the study skills essential to success at this level.

Turkish-Medium Programs:

ENGL 111 – English I (3,0)3

This course is designed to provide students enroled in Turkish-medium programs with the basic lexis and grammar of English and to develop receptive and productive skills in English.

ENGL 112 – English II (3,0)3

This course is a continuation of ENGL 111-English I for Turkish-medium programs and aims to consolidate and develop the skills and knowledge required to function at a basic communicative level in the English language.