Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes


The main aim of the coaching training program is to train qualified sports people who are healthy, have ethical values, high self-esteem, are equipped with knowledge,  experienced and well-informed in world-class academic and practice fields, are able to transfer their skills to their environment and meet the requirements of the current era.


Our school serves the community in the context of providing quality education and training, research and projects in accordance with the needs and skills of the current era. An understanding of education that easily captures current educational awareness and contributes to maintaining its education at the highest level by using the laboratory and sports facilities equipped with superior technological tools and equipment for measuring the performance of athletes in health and performance. Our aim is to educate individuals who have knowledge and talent, who are researchers and interrogators, who can fulfil all their obligations and responsibilities, who  respect human rights,  are dynamic and well-trained in their field, who are committed to the basic principles of Turkey and the TRNC, as modern and secular Turkish youth.


 To maximize national and international success in society with a high quality of life and qualified coaches who have modern, universal values and can reflect healthy knowledge and skills. It aims to include experienced individuals in the sports industry, that can improve the quality of life of individuals and societies at the national and international levels.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The ability to make appropriate planning in training.
  2. The ability to organize appropriate and scientifically based learning environments.
  3. To be able to use computer and technological resources by realizing the training  objectives
  4. To be able to use appropriate tools and resources for the training process.
  5. To be able to plan school team work The ability to create awareness of regular physical activity and healthy life in students who take a training course
  6. The ability to ensure that students participate in competitions and they conduct  their  work
  7. To be able to raise students ' awareness about healthy eating
  8. The ability to apply first aid rules in sports injuries
  9. To be able to create awareness of nature and environmental protection
  10. To be able to follow the information in the field and communicate with colleagues using a foreign language
  11. To be able to employ both amateur and professional teams in different branches
  12. To be able to prepare and apply training plans related to different branches
  13. To be able to transfer the information about physical activity necessary for a healthy life to the society.