Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

Program Aim and Outcomes

  • By improving their knowledge about the concept of gastronomy, they will have information about the types of cuisine and culture, gastronomy tourism, gastronomy management and services provided in hospitality businesses.
  • Have knowledge about nutrition principles, hygiene and sanitation in food preparation, food storage conditions, functional foods and nutrition types.
  • Having knowledge of food and beverage terminology, learning the techniques of food preparation, will have information about menu preparation and planning and inferring the costs of food.
  • Gains knowledge and manages kitchen planning and organization, quality services related to the culinary profession, occupational safety and first aid in the kitchen, ethical behaviors in the culinary profession.
  • Gains knowledge about professional research fields and techniques, entrepreneurship activities in the field of culinary.
  • Becomes a manager who gives importance to sustainable cuisine and ethical values.
  • To be able to communicate well, communicate effectively and actively benefit from basic information technologies,
  • Evaluate the information obtained during the learning process with cause-effect relationships; being able to predict what information will be needed where, when and why.
  • As cooks who have professional and social ethical values ​​and necessary professional knowledge, they can work as a team and take individual responsibility when necessary.
  • They gain skills such as mastering the intricacies of their field.