Uluslararası Final Üniversitesi

General Information

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Who Can Apply?

  • Students holding TRNC citizenship
  • Students holding Republic of Turkey citizenship
  • International Students

General Information

Final International University Faculty of Educational Sciences Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program started to accept students in the 2016-2017 academic year. The main purpose of the 4-year undergraduate program is to provide students with psychological counseling and guidance formation and to train qualified counselors.

The main fields of work for our graduates include education, health, social service and industrial institutions, especially educational institutions.


Our vision is to ensure that our graduates earn the highest level of respect for themselves and for their widely accepted diploma at both the national and international levels while they contribute to their country, humanity and professional lives by utilizing the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their education.


The mission of the FIU Faculty of Educational Sciences Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program is to help our students gain professional knowledge, develop the skills and values that modern school counselors should possess, and equip them with the highest level of competence and self-confidence so they can carry out their professions effectively. Also, our mission is to provide our students with competencies required for the 21st century which include skills such as learning and innovation, information and communication technology, life and career, and research and inquiry.